Today's (Since Midnight) Highlights

Maximum temperature: 11.8 at 00:00
Minimum temperature: 11.8 at 00:00

We have not had measurable rain for 19 days.

Live Weather for the Farnborough Area

A live view of the weather observed by our in house weather station in central Farnborough. It's not ideally located (on a garage to the back of the property) but it provides a reasonable view of what's actually happening now.

Local Summary Data

An on-a-page summary of key data recorded on our in house weather station. This page includes all time record data as well as key cumulative statistics. You'll also find some interesting astronomical data.

Live Observations from Farnborough Airfield

The latest meteorological observations from Farnborough airport. These are published as a simple encoded string which this page will decode. Note that Farnborough only publishes its METAR data when it is operational, so there are no updates overnight.