Weather Summary Data - Thursday, 20 February 2020

Data from upload on 3/2/2020 timed at: 10:15

Some key items from our weather station in Central Farnborough

Good morning, here is some summary weather and astronomical data taken from our weather station. Note timings are typically expressed in local time (GMT or BST as appropriate).

Sunrise 07:38   Sunset 16:55
Moonrise 11:37 on 03/02/20   Moonset 02:00 [Waxing Gibbous Moon]
Next/last full moon (based upon New Moon): 09 February 2020
Next new moon:15:33 UTC 23 February 2020
Moon age: 8 days,15 hours,19 minutes,63%

Today's (Since Midnight) Highlights

Maximum temperature: 11.8 at 00:00
Minimum temperature: 11.8 at 00:00
Rainfall so far this month: 0.0mm, of which: 0.0mm has fallen in the last 7 days
We have not had measurable rain for 19 days.

A note about rainfall measurements: our station's rain gauge is not particularly sensitive, light rain or small droplets will not register. Also, some of the cumulative data has been corrupted over the years which will manifest as odd data on the graph. The temperature sensor, although tucked away on an east wall, does come into full sunlight in the Summer months which skews the maximum temperature values.

Selected Averages and Peaks

Item (Average) 24 hours Month Year Monthly Highest
Temperature (° C) 11.8 11.5 7.4 11.8
Windspeed (mph)   7.5 3.0 19.6
Max Gust (mph)   7.7 3.4 20.7
Item (Peak) This Month Year To Date
Highest Temperature (°C) 11.8 40.7
Lowest Temperature (°C) 9.4 -1.2
Highest Windspeed (mph) 20.3 21.9
Max Gust (mph) 20.3 30.2
Most Daily Rainfall (mm) 0.0 3.1

All Time Records

These are the extremes as measured by our local weather station.
The weather station was commissioned on its current platform on the 16th October 2016. "All time records" are simply the record values from that point in time.

Item Value and Date
High Temperature (°C) 40.7 on: 3 Jan 2020
Low Temperature (°C) -6.2 on: 28 Feb 2018
Highest Gust (mph) 57.4 on: 26 Jan 2018
Highest Average Daily Windspeed (mph) 27.5 on: 6 Jul 2019
Highest Daily Rainfall (mm) 30.0 on: 24 Sep 2019
Highest Rain Rate (mm/s) 5.1 on: 24 Jul 2017
Avg Temperature - Warmest Day (°C) (6am to 6pm) 29.8 C on: 25 Jul 2019
Avg Temperature - Coldest Day (°C) (6am to 6pm) -2.6C on: 01 Mar 2018
Avg Temperature - Warmest Night (°C) (6pm - 6am) 25.9C on: 26 Jul 2019
Avg Temperature - Coldest Night (°C) (6pm - 6am) -4.6C on: 28 Feb 2018
Last Longest Dry Spell 10 days ending on: 1 Oct 2019

Annual Rainfall (by Month)

These collected values are shown compared with the 1981-2010 average monthly rainfall data provided by the Met Office here

Graph of rainfall